Testimonials In Spokane and Liberty Lake, WA

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5 out of 5 based on 14 user reviews.

My experience with Dr. Ralph has been amazing! The entire staff is friendly, kind, and worth a great deal. They treat you with respect, as if you were a family member. Already I am good friends with three or four of the girls working there. We talk about boys, school, and anything that is bugging me that day. The orthodontist appointments that I go to seem more like my own little vacation or a trip out to lunch with friends.


- Karis L. (age 13)


When people ask me who my orthodontist is, I am proud to show them my smile and say, ‘I’m with Dr. Ralph.


- McKayla C. (age 13)


I get comments all the time about my smile and my teeth, like ‘I see your braces are off; boy, that came out great!’ You see, I got a knee in the mouth as a kid. Mine was a little bit challenging. To get through it and then have the result be so fantastic, it was like—wow!


- James E. (adult)


Dr. Ralph and his staff are always smiling and full of encouragement. They are great self-esteem boosters!


- Rita L. (adult)


Dr. Ralph is upfront and honest and his staff is ALWAYS warm and friendly.... You feel like part of a family whenever you are there.


- Victoria L. (age 15)


My favorite thing about going to see Dr. Ralph is getting to catch up on what he has been doing. He always remembers what I like to do, too! All of the staff at Dr. Ralph’s office are great. They are kind and funny! They always remember me when I come in. Dr. Ralph is awesome to be around because he is always joking and having fun. Also, he likes to be outside and active, so we have a lot to talk about. Dr. Ralph’s new office is significantly bigger than the old office. There is also a lot of color and comfortable chairs. The waiting area has great magazines to look at while you’re waiting!


- Justis S. (age 12)


The staff always greets me with a smile and asks me about what’s going on in my life.


- Brielle C. (age 12)


One assistant, Angela, has been taking care of me for most of my treatment. To have the same person consistently over time has been wonderful. Not only is Dr. Ralph top-notch professionally, but his people are the same. Clearly, he’s done a good job picking out the people working for him.


- Larry S. (adult)


I really like Dr. Ralph. He’s so sweet and always makes me laugh. His staff is also very sweet and they treat me like family. His new office is really cool, and I especially like the unique playhouse. I always look forward to my appointments!


- Christina S. (age 11)


I enjoy the environment at the office; it is very warm and friendly.


- David C. (adult)


Dr. Ralph and his staff are so nice and funny. They always make my teeth look better. His new office is so awesome; I love playing in the tree house while I wait. My favorite thing about going to my appointments is signing in at the computer!


- Michael S. (age 9)


The staff at Dr. Ralph’s office is always friendly and able to answer any questions I have. Dr. Ralph comes in with a smile and tells me I will have a beautiful smile once my braces are off!!


- Sara G. (age 14)


Dr. Ralph and his team provide outstanding service! Because they are so fun and friendly, I looked forward to every appointment. The new Liberty Lake office is very high class!


- Jen W. (adult)


I had braces on for two years with Dr. Ralph. It was a very good experience just in terms of the quality of work, and the office environment was very friendly. It wasn’t stressful at all going into that office, and it’s just a great, great staff. After being involved with a group like that for two years, you actually become friends with everyone and don’t mind going in at all, and I’m not usually the type of person that enjoys going in to the dentist to have work done.


- Don M. (adult)